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MEMS single plug ECU for 1.4 MPi K


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Has anyone got a good, servicable ecu lying around that's doing nothing? I've got a rover metro, and it runs ok, yet has the scourge of the hunting idle, that seems to point to the internal MAP sensor in the ecu failing.. I need an ecu with any the part no's:


MKC101470 (earlier 91 - 92 rover 214/414 mpi)

MKC101610 (later 92 on rover 214/414 mpi)

MKC101460 (later rover metro gti mpi)


All of them are the single 36 pin plug type, not the earlier 2 plug, even though it's to go on a metro gti, they are all the same engine so should be fine..


Give me a shout on brian_gunn@hotmail.com if you have such an item thats known to be in good condition...





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