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Vids of previous blats ?


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Anyone got any vids of previous blats I might download (already got the obvious Arnie ones and some others) as I've just done a 25 mile Anthony Nolan charity bike ride plus 5 pints at least (cycled to and from start b4 anyone questions this) and would really like to take the Seven out but... well U understand... so thought it would be the next best thing to experience someone elses blat. 30mins worth would be nice.




Ashley Webster.

1400 Supersport

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For £10 (I think) to NTL Richard Ince will send you a CD full of excursions around the Nurburgring. Well worth the donation on those days when you can't get out in the 7 but need a fix.

I think you can find the info on www.R500owners.com if not contact Richard on rince@b-m-s.co.uk.


You might also want to try Alex Wongs CD of Curborough Trials.



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Please ignore the details I posted above - for some reason I cannot edit the message to correct the contact details so please folow the instructions below.


Here are the details Richard posted a while back:


Copies of the CD are £10 with £7.50 now being donated to NTL for each copy sent out. Cheques payable to R500Owners.com please.


Send to:


Nicola Galvin

BMS Computer Solutions Ltd

Sproughton House






email ngalvin@b-m-s.co.uk



And here is what one of our fellow blatchatters said of it:


"Awesome to watch - great driving too!


If anyone can't understand the point of a very quick 7 then show them this - the speed at which Richard's car eats the 911's, Boxsters and BMW's is incredible."



You might also want to try Alex Wongs CD of Curborough runs.

Cost - £10 inc P&P. £4 to cover cost of CD and P&P, £6 to NTL per disc.


Send a cheque payable to Alex Wong to :


Lawn Bank House

Wychnor lane



DE13 8BY



I have both and they certain help me out.



1400 Supersport and 2800TDi Superslow


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