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Wing Stay / Chassis

Violet Elizabeth

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My wing stay mounting has detatched itself from the chassis, leaving a flapping wing and a hole in the cross member.


Doesn't look like corrosiion as the edges seem bright. Although there is some light corrosion inside the tube, so I think a bit of waxoyl needed !


Can I "just" get this welded back together, or is some more serious surgery recommended as chassis now has hole in it ?


Thoughts much appreciated as track day looms.



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Just get it rebrazed.


Clamshell wings right ? I had those and ripped both mountings out of the chassis (on a few occasions) over a 10 year period. Cycle wings have (so far) cured the problem (less weight).




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I had this problem too, Noger, back in my flared wing days. In addition to the general strain on the stays, the original type of metal-plate indicator bracket hit the anti-roll bar once in a while (at the 'ball end', cutting the rubber boot) at the extreme of roll - which can't have helped.


I think one thing you (or 'they') have to be careful of is damaging the alu skin when brazing. It was suggested in my case that a little local de-skinned might be needed (to slip a heat-proof mat in, I suppose) - I guess it depends how big the hole is.

Redline sorted mine out - can't remember if they needed to do that or not.

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