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1999 Vauxhall 1600 T reg. BRG/Yellow. Momo quick release steering wheel, immobiliser, alloy wheels, full roll cage, professionally built and maintained. Make excellent road or track day car.


Also Brian James Minno trailer with tyre rack.


Will sell two together for £10,000. Car available separately but not trailer.


Also available personalised plate C7 TOP.



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It's done 8300 miles. It was built by Classic Carriage Company (now Caterham Midland). It has yellow cycle and rear wings. I used it in 1999 for the scholarship now academy. So I did a couple of hillclimbs, sprints and circuits. Have done a couple of races since but nothing for the last year. Car in excellent condition, taken care of by my own mechanic. Want to sell it to buy another! Phone me on 07801 486969.


Edited by - PETER MUMFORD on 24 Jun 2002 18:23:44

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Peter, I wonder if you could email me a pic?


I'm not even looking for a car until this time next year but I'm browsing the market to get a feel for prices etc., sorry if I'm being cheeky!


BTW, I take it the car is a live axle? How much would you be selling the car for without the trailer?


Cheers! teeth.gifid=orange>

Laurence 'LOZ' Wilsonid=purple>


Edited by - Peardrop on 29 Jun 2002 14:49:32

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