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Fully gas flowed head


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Fully gas flowed standard head for sale. Ported with Dave walker at his workshop in Brixton. We used the flow bench to get the best results he has seen. 35% extra flow which is you look at Dave Edwards web site you will see that this is up to VHPD standards. Pictures of it were used in Aug Car and CAr Conversion mag in Dave's Technical section.


Its complete and ready to go. £250.


(Note that I can also fit it very easily if required as it only takes about 1/2 a day and I have stripped more K series that I care to think about)


There is also a set of piper 285 grind cams which work with this head really well and gave 190bhp in a 1.8 with the above head (This, at only 7600 rpm!!!). these are mint as were only in the car for testing. £250



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I am interested in the head that you have for sale. What valves does it have fitted and does it have the standard hydraulic lifters and cams in it at the moment ???????





"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."

-Mario Andretti

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It has he standard valves but the seats have been modified by Dave W and myself to get the max flow through the thing and the valves have been profiled to break the edge. Max flow was seen at a lift if 10mm with it leveling off after that.


The lifters are hydraulic as there is no reason for going to mechanical if you don't intend revving the engine over 7800rpm. The reason I chose this was that if I went the expense of mechanical and then wanted to use the revs I would have to of changed the bottom end and this them becomes big big money, it is also, as many R500 owners would reluctantly admit on the track, pretty unreliable in the K with big rebuild bills - ,mind keeps minster happy!


I am a big fan of hydraulic lifters, the engine I have at the moment is a 1.8 with a VVC flowed head (hence the sale of this one) where I get over 200 brake and I have kept hydraulic as it is so easy to use, reliable, fit and forget and fine to the sort of revs that I use, and use all the time, ie 7800.



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