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VX Bits & Bobs + Other thingys too!


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Car sold, house sold, soon be off to lodge with my son ( getting my own back!) so I have the following bits and bobs for sale to sensible offers, all the bits are in Warwickshire...


Distributor, Coil

Standard pistons, rods and camshafts

2D ECU ( for carburettor cars)

New and Unused side intrusion bar

3/4 front ARB ( used once, didn't get on with it!)

Standard flywheel

Standard front calipers

Unpainted front scuttle panel


Found some more bits - 24th June


Wiper Motor

170Lbs Rear Springs

Set of standard hoses

Throttle cable (carbs)

Clutch Release arm complete with release bearing








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I would like the plug leads and the clutch if they are available still....I'm coming over to play golf at the warkwickshire on tuesday so could pick up then ? How much are you looking for?



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