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Car show in Wiltshire


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In LF it says:


"2002 Try Drive and Motor Show Science Museum Wroughton Wiltshire

This show is organised by Swindon Borough Council to raise awareness of road users by allowing them to drive a series of different forms of transport.

The emergency services are on hand with information and advice along with entertainment,fairground and access to the Science museum exhibits. Also local car clubs and car dealers will be present.

I have been invited to attend representing the Lotus 7 Club and would like members to contact me if they would be interested in showing their 7s on an organised Club stand. Attendance on either day would be appreciated but both days would be better.

An oppertunity to use the runway at wroughton is possible and if so passenger rides could be made possible with all the proceeds going to NTL.

For more info contact Geoff Brown 01793 876465"


It sounds like a bit of a grin and I might even get to drive a tank!

I will be there on the Saturday givig rides to any brave people!




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