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Ferrari Catastrophe

Mike Molloy

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Massive commiserations to the guy with the F355 (L7C member?) at Brands yesterday. If it was you who threw a rod and dumped oil all round Hawthorn then I suspect your wallet is in for a bit of a shock! It sounded fantastic going along the pit straight and into Paddock though. Get well soon.


Hope the guy who demolished a whole section of Armco with his Honda Accord is OK. I think he and the poor instructor-chappie (who happened to be in the car at the time) got a free ambulance ride. No doubt Octagon will be sending him the bill for circuit repairs!


What was the Green Thing Doug Newman was driving (with the detachable nose...) Jeez, it was fast!

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With outmost best wishes and comiserations to those involved in the above....




...I was a bit disappointed to open this thread, and find it wasn't a revelation that ferrari had forgotten to bring engines to this weekend grand prix. tongue.gif


Sorry. You can have the thread back after this hijack.



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For anybody who like me, has ever wondered if they can afford a 'cheap' Ferrari, have a look at this months Classic and Sportscar. Any doubts in my mind were clarified by the cost of an engine rebuild at 1500UKP per cylinder and a new exhaust at 3k plus fitting.

Neatly summed-up in the final section on the mythical sub 10k Ferrari - 'sometimes there just isn't a barge pole long enough'.

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F355GTS said he was going to be there either in the Caterham or in the 355 - and I only saw one 355 there. Commiserations indeeed...


The guy with the Accord was OK - I saw him walking around later, but I guess the car is in a state, based on the damage to the armco. Apparently the instructor had just told him he was about to put the power on too early and lo and behold he did just that.


This was my first track day and I had a great time, although I kept bottling the entry speed into Hawthorn. The number of incidents, and contacts with barriers was far higher than I had been led to believe is normal, though.


It was good to meet Richard, but I managed to miss all the others who offered to chat (it was nothing personal!). Paul M's Sylva looked and sounded very fast. eek.gif




Bob Stark


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Yup it was F355GTS, he decided to come along in his 355 in the end, unfortunatly after existing surtees heading up the back straight there was a loud bang followed by a cloud of smoke and then the engine cut out.


The latest news is that one of the titantium conrods decided it wanted a bit of fresh air and took the quickest route out!!! eek... more details/photos soon apparently.


I managed to meet a few faces but the combination of so many people and something of an "eventful" day in terms of stoppages etc meant I didn't get a chance to catch up with people.


As for being a normal track day, nope it definetly wasn't. Session A was ok with no stoppages that I can remeber, the other two sessions were a bit more of a lottery. There was some interesting driving going on in Session B in particular.


After an extra briefing at lunch things seemed to calm down in the afternoon and there were a lot less stoppages. (although even then a BMW still managed to find the barrier on the exit of Druids).


Having never done the GP circuit before I had an excellent day, even though we lost a session due to stoppages there still seemed to be enough track time combined with the improved weather in the afternoon and an excellent circuit I'll definetly be going back.


Pictures/videos and some datalogging stats from the day will be up on my site early next week hopefully!




Rob G


on 21 Jun 2002 13:36:59


Edited by - rgrigsby on 21 Jun 2002 13:38:03

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This is the reason that many Ferrari owners own other track cars. As an exanple go to Bookatrack.com and go into Member Profiles, set key to cars and enter 360.

Impressive answer and no Westfields!

This feature is excellent, try entering R500 as well.

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t'was indeed Mark Collins aka F355GTS and he is getting repairs estimates next week (reckons near £10k at the moment) - he said on the Easytrack site forum that once repaired it'll be going so all of you with R500/SLRs etc. for sale can start banging on his door ;)
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Sorry been out of the loop today, playing with the 7 on an Airfield, nothing broke as well! so the b****y 355 is definately going as soon as it's fixed, it's just had £9k spent on it and on Monday I'll be getting the bad news, so for the probably the same money I was getting close to the cost of an SLR.


Soon as it's gone I'll be in the market for one me thinks smile.gif



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sorry to be nosey, f355gts, but what job leaves you at liberty to track your ferrari and caterham on successive days...


i actually ask because i will be changing careers shortly, so am curious to find out from others what they do.


sorry to hear of your recent misfortune, good luck with it.



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So how was "that" airfield today then?


Not too busy in the morning I'll guess.


I was tempted at 6am this morning to give work a miss and come and play, but then I thought of the money I would lose and worked anyway! How boring ;)




Edited by - wackydo on 21 Jun 2002 23:11:32

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Sincerest commiserations and best wishes on the healh of you and the car...


My dad used to race a Ferrari (308) for a few years before he changed to a historic sports car. The bills have been quartered, the car is faster, as reliable, and more fun to drive. Although its not road legal...


I guess a 355/360 and Caterham makes a nice garage collection - use the 7 for tracks and blats and the ferrari for when you need to arrive at your destination looking smart/in a suit!




Dave Hooper - dmch2@lineone.net

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