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Horsham Area - MOT


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Terry -


You could try giving Lakeside Enginering a call - 01932 340003- they are in Addlestone, near Chertsey and are Lotus specialists.


They MOT'd my mates' Elise (and they service it too) and might be worth finding out who they use to do the test. They are thoroughly nice chaps.




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I went down to Keith Deering Garage at Alfold crossroads on the Guilford to Horsham road. (Tel 01403 753278)

Bit of a treck, but couldn't fault the service I got. Was invited to join the test process in the bay and was carefully consulted to ensure I was happy where they selected to position the jack to lift the car.

It was recommend on blatchat here



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Queensway motors in Horsham MOT'd my previous seven. Very happy with the service etc. The tester had a Morgan, and seemed geniunely interested in the seven.


There is aslo a garage in Southwater (Tanbury motors) I think, and I think they offered a fairly good service. A couple of years ago the owner owned an Elise, so again, was fairly interest in the seven.



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I had my Westfield done at Elite Garage in Mannings Heath (the tyre place) and they were fine with it (very accommodating over one or two things, ahem) also you could try Smallridge Garage in Faygate as the owner's sons Richard & Philip compete in Westfields in spints/hillclimbs so he know them backwards!
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