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MIRA tomorrow


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Can someone post the details for tomorrows sprint (or e-mail them to me at piersacrex@hotmail.com). I've been told I've got a place (car no. 55) but haven't got any instructions. I'll drag a map off the 'net but I know there are some security issues so I don't want to drive miles to be turned away....



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I haven't got my final details to hand, but basically be at the main gate at 8am and not a moment sooner, no cameras,children,dogs, and you will need to sign a piece of paper that says if you see anything you shouldn't have, then you will keep it to yourself.


There may be some more but thats all I can remember

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Hmmm - the instructions say not to arrive after 8am, now I find out I'm not supposed to arrive before 8am.


It'sgoing to be tricky to arrive at exactly 8am along with all the other competitors!


Superlight no 126 is currently on my trailer ready to roll...

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