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Alternative to the Quaife 5spd Heavy Duty Gearbox


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I have VX 2lt 16v at 195bhp running a type 9. Car will be going to 220 to 235 soon.


I want to upgrade the gearbox as the first two gears are useless. Main use is fast road and some track.


Is there an alternative to the Quaife 5 speed gearbox on the market that runs roller bearings? I don’t mind paying the money out for a box but a £1200 bill does seem a little steep; does BGH do a equivalent that people recommend?






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Try Tran-X at www.tran-x.com.

They do a type 9 box with 1st and 2nd mainshaft gears on needle roller bearings or a type dog engagement(do the RSPCA know?) where all grears run on needle roller bearing.


Contact as Tran-X is an Alan Cookson. I recently had an LSD built up by Alan. Nothing is too much trouble and they are very helpful.




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