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Yellow Seven Spotted Between Pulborough And Storrington!

Laurence Wilson

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Was it you? Must have been approx. 3:50pm.


Bright yellow Seven, black / carbon band around nose cone, yellow '7' grille and a black roadsport cage. Number plate was personalised (?) and began with an R (?). Spotted heading towards Storrington from Pulborough, in the tree covered curves after the straight and open stretch near the Pulborough end.


I was in my Yellow Punto heading towards Pulborough giving a frantic 'thumbs up,' though I don't think you saw me sad.gif


Cheers! teeth.gifid=orange>

Laurence 'LOZ' Wilsonid=purple>


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Yep i did see you, but it was the headlight flash not your thumb i noticed! sorry i didn't wave, but i thought helpfull chap, plod round next corner warning, i was looking for them for miles,


We had been down to Aldeburgh for the weekend, the 7's a VVC,and the reg is R500MB. one day the reg might match the car


Mark Bennett




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