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I am a 21 year old company car driver, would it be unreasonable of me to expect to get insured on a 7?


I took part in the 'Drive a Dream' experience at Silverstone recently and realised that I NEEEED a 7!


I can afford the car but has anyone heard of an insurer that would take kindly to my age.

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MSM are very good (I use them/him now).

But until I was a little older Flux had the cheaper quote.


MSM are now cheaper for me to use and I only ever hear good things about them, but it may be worth trying a few of the others too.

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I think you'll be surprised as if the mileage is going to be lowish and the spec of the car is not silly then insurance might be OK. At 19 I drove a somewhat embarrassing now X1/9 and that wasn't a problem then.


I use Egger Lawson for my seven and it's worth calling all the companies as a normal broker will probably not have the contacts with the specialists you need.



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