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Whats your view on Caterhams trackdays?


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A few of you seem to have done the Caterham run trackdays, I am considering booking Brands Hatch on 20th Aug and am intersted on the views of those of you that have been. Whats good, whats not,is it worth the money, and has anyone had the additional training offered? I'll probably do it anyway but just want reassuring:)


P25TGY - Superlight

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Plus points :- well organised, instruction and fast "passenger" rides available, great circuit. Quite a bit of exotica to gawp at.


Minus points :- even on the beginners there were non-caterhams and much faster caterhams, so spent most of the morning getting buzzed by people being passengered in race cars. Very expensive. Not particularly friendly. Lots of "off" in the faster groups.


Have wittered on at great length before about my caterham brands day. Most of the problems were no doubt of my making, got too wound up by the whole thing. Am definately going to try to have a better time on the club day at oulton smile.gif

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agree with the pluses:

Good beginners trackday, they hold your hand quite well and you're surrounded in your garage by other caterham owners (who are obviously the friendliest around).

Passenger rides are also good.


On the day I did (Snetterton last year) I didn't have any problems with the speed of the guys in the beginners group although the intermediates and experienced guys were v. fast when we had a mixed session at the end.


Didn't try the additional training- may give it a go when I go to Silverstone in August.


Probably not worth the money unless you're a beginner and enjoy the support.

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