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No, it certainly isn't Cricket. In fact Cricket would be incredibly diificult to play in a seven. Having said that, it would be even harder in a tintop as it would be almost impossible to bowl and/or throw the ball effectively. Going for quick singles would be fun though.




Jim and Tonic

"Mine's a large one" smile.gif

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You could play cricket if it was that game involving plastic players, a steel ball bearing and a green circle of cloth that Ian Botham used to advertise on the telly.




Make the world a better place, hug an estate agent

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Oooohhhh! I feel a thread hi-jack coming on wink.gif


Ian Botham


That makes me think of Shredded Wheat, elephants, things other than hayfever medication up the old nostils blush.gif


So while we leave sjwb [...wink.gif steve) ...to admonish all those naughty people who don't know their "chits" from their "techs"....


We could play the word association game of "Name the Person/Thing" and see the way people's minds work eek.gif


For starters (and to tap on the screens of the guvmint thought police):


1. Tony Blair


2. Alastair(sp?) Darling


3. Speed (sorry, Safety) Cameras


4. Shania Twain (that one's for Brent, who needs cheering up smile.gif




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on the merit of recent postings this afternoon, maybe we should have 'ChitChat', 'TechTalk' and 'Stark-Raving-Mad-Surrealist Talk' (otherwise known as 'Bored-at-work Talk', which I most certainly am...)

Incidently, just got a new job which may mean less Blatchat surfing thumbsdown.gif but will mean that I have to drive to work thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif (in the 7 obviously)


Edited by - angus&tessa on 20 Jun 2002 15:08:53

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From the top:

A stranger to the truth

Not put together right

One eyed money tree

I've come over all damp!


Further, line in a song from the Dandy Warhols.

"I've got door in the back of my head".

There's also a bit about bikini wedges but I've forgotten the exact detail.




Steve B

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Tessa has the joy of Connex in the mornings. Failed to mention that my drive would be from Balham to Uxbridge (not sitting on a tube for 2 hours) so would involve such 7-friendly roads as the Wandsworth one way system and Hammersmith. Tessa is obviously thrilled, as my new employer inforces a strict 9-5 work ethic, and does not believe in working late, (unheard of in my design consultancy experience, where working until 9pm if its quiet, and 4am if you are busy seems entirely normal.) so we will be able to enjoy 7 life after work during the week now.


teeth.gif20,000 miles in less than a year! cool.gifthumbsup.gif

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I'd like to contribute here but I think I've lost the plot on this thread! Back to word association:


Tony Blair : smiley

A. Darling : who?

Speed cameras : bugger

Shania Twain : who?


Angus - I spent a year commuting from Croydon to Uxbridge - it nearly did my head in! One of the reasons I moved to the west country where life is more relaxed ....


Keep flying low

The Mole @ the molehill

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so we will be able to enjoy 7 life after work during the week now.


ah yess.. zis is very important viz ze young couples.. ze active seven life yah ? i beleef zat my gut freind mr freud, ze emminent phsychotherapist, propounded many important sevensual theories.


you can alvays resort to toys to heighten ze pleasure of ze sevensual union at ze veekends, or indeed in ze efenings of ze veek for zose of you who do not overvork. but zat is called 'upgraditis inferioris', and can be very dangerous.


zere is alzo a good indian book called ze 'carma sutra' about ze much variety of sevening zat vee can enjoy.




ps shania twain iss an anagram of "satan's tw*t" ssorry if zis causes offence, but if you hear her music, you vill know vot i mean. wink.gif


Edited by - jam mad on 21 Jun 2002 16:37:19

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ps shania twain iss an anagram of "satan's tw*t"


No it's not mad.gif Is your spelling as bad as your punctuation J question.gif


wink.gif blush.gif teeth.gif



Haf ein gut veek-ent wink.gif

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