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Lancashire Meet

Tim Sture

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Morning all. I will be darn sarf when the next meeting is on in a couple of weeks' time sad.gif so cannot attend. There have been rumblings from a couple of people (well OK it was Lynn) that maybe the venue should change to a different pub in Belmont. If we don't change generally the Christmas dinner may be elsewhere in any event after last year's fun and games...


There are two other pubs in Belmont and I have not been in either or checked the car parks out (I think one has a decent car park and the other doesn't, I think) - one is in the AA good pub guide

and the other is not.


I'll try to get along to have a look some time but does anyone have an opinion on whether we should change?

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Used to live there.

The Black Dog in Belmont village is a great pub with the cheapest Holt's bitter in the North. It also does good food.

It has a reasonably big car park for the sevens, but the splitters on the Ultimas might suffer on the slight incline on the wat in.

Don't bother with the Black Bull further up the road - it's crap



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Tim, have a few biker friends who go to the pubs in this area, will ask them. I think the wrights arms is ok, the pub food is good - although the meals are maybe not so, the scenery is nice if you know what I mean.... and it has a big car park for the summer.





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