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Prop shaft clearance in chassis tunnel


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I completed the installation of my engine & drivetrain a couple of weeks ago having spent a lot of time ensuring that everything is centered as accurately as possible - i.e. the diff is centered on the chassis side members to within 1mm, I have fiddled with the position of the gearbox mount to give as equal clearance as possible between the bellhousing / gearbox and tunnel sides etc. So everything is as accurate as I could possibly make it (or so I thought).


Last night, while fiddling about in preparation for trial fitting the tunnel top, I noticed that the prop shaft has only about 1/4 inch clearance from the tunnel side on the passenger side. The clearance on the driver's side is at least double this (and probably more). I'm not worried that the shaft doesn't run down the exact centre line, but it does worry me that it is so close on one side.


I suspect that there isn't much lateral movement - so this probably isn't a problem but it would be good if someone could confirm this for me. My logic is that since the differential has no lateral play, and the closest point is about half way down the length of the shaft, it would require 1/2 inch movement of the gearbox to cause any contact and if the gearbox is moving this much then I have a real problem!


Anyone got any experience of this?



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I can't give a difinitive example, having litle experience of the de-deon set up, but I agree with your logic, there should be no real movement of any of the components involved, very ridgid engine mounts, a little more flex in gearbox mount and very little movement possible on the dif, so I shouldn't think you have a problem.




(May see you at one of the first Thursday meetings at Raleigh's Cross - I'm based in Minehead with a live axle zetec) - good luck

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