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Help Clutch /Gear Box prob ?(6 speed) , STIFF TO GET IN TO ?


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1998 1.6 SS 6 Speed


Suddenly yesterday, won't go into 5th.......


Worse trying to get into R,1 or 2


Now better if only half press clutch, it sometimes re engages if you push it all the way down (the Clutch that is)


Any idea guys?


Chap who services it said clutch had miles left on it.


I changed the pedal length last month, so yes could be an adjustment, but it was working fine for the month.



Bruce, Self Drive ROLLER COASTER Owner !

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I am having worying problems with my recently purchased 2000 1.8k ss. Climbing up gears is fine, but chamging down is very difficult. the problem is shifting out of 6th and 4th. Seems to stick and need a good push to disengage. Apparently I do have an AP racing clutch if this contributes ?


Comments appreciated



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Some of the early 6 speed boxes had a design weakness with the gear selectors- mine complains when going into 4th from 5th/6th but is fine if you go via the 3rd gear position (without engaging 3rd).

Having it fixed now - and bracing myself for the bill, but I figure the car deserves it after Le Mans.

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Had this problem with my early six speed. OK to start off with when driving the car, but after a few minutes it became stiff to change (hanging onto the selected gear and it was nearly a two handed job to change gear (I kid you not!). I cured it by altering the detente plunger pressure. This involved winding back a flat blade screw which enters the case from the top LHS(at the forward end) if looking down on the unit.This varies the spring pressure on the selector rail. The early boxes had no cover over this screw, but the later ones have a hex plug.

Unless you have a shortened footwell, it is a bit tight to get to. I ended up creating a neat hole in the footwell side that allows access and then has a rubber blanking grommet to fill the 'ole!


Changes have gone from diabolical to excellent (although a bit 'loose' during the first couple of miles warm up)!!!

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