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Heated Screen with stone chip

Harry Flatters

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I have a virtually brand new polished ali screen with a large stone chip (about the size of 50p) on the passenger side. I very much doubt if this can be repaired and as CC no longer sell the heated glass to refit in the frame, I have got to get a new one at £225!!.


I am told that racers replace the glass with a non heated version from CC at around £65 - so would anyone care to make an offer for mine - frame is mint.


Steve Mell

PTM 88

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Chris, it is a windscreen claim, but my insurance company will only pay up to £150 if the screen is not fitted by one of their installers, Autoglass etc. And like you I suspect, I would rather be dragged through Caterham by my sphericals than let any company like that loose on my 7.


Edited by - Steve Mell on 23 Jun 2002 09:29:51

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Recently let Autogalss fit a new screen to my 7. Made a reasonable job, no scratches etc. I told the fitter if he needed a hand to let me know. He did not ask, and I spent about another half hour tidying up the installation. I have no xs on my policy for glass damage claims, and was happy to let Autoglass fit the screen, and for me to tidy up afterwards. The screen was more than £250 as mine is an SV. Shipped straight from Caterham to Autoglass, so no p&p etc.

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