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Stack dash speedo

Julian Thompson

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Am I correct in assuming that the transducer effort and top hat jobby and plastic cog thing supplied in the kit are bin fodder if I've got Stack dash?


I just use the wheel speed sensor instead?


Why no instructions? How do I set it up? What do I do to blank off the hole in the side of my gearbox - or should I fit the "top hat", cog and oil seal anyway then just not attatch the sensor?


I presume the big metal cup thing just taps into the LHS of the gearbox - interference fit only?



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You need to fit the driven gear, bright coloured plastic gear with a spindle on one side, so that it seals the hole thro the oil sela on one side of the gearbox. You need to fit the hollow metal bung after fitting the driven gear to seal the big hole in the other side of the gearbox (smear of silicon on it first then tap it into the hole, optional wire locking if you're paranoid). If you leave either of these off all the oil will eventually leak out of the gearbox.


I've no idea what the transducer jobbie is as I had a cable to my speedo (back in the mechanical speedo dark ages...) But if it attaches to the outside of the gearbox and talks to the outer end of the driven gear then leave it in the box.


The stack sensor is usually arranged to look at the four disc to hub bolts on the front wheel. This works fine for wheel speed.

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You do fit the cog and top hat but they are not used. The Stack speedo senses off the front wheel, driver's side as I guess you know. There is a mounting plate for it which was missing from my kit. The cable can be run various routes and there is a link to the wiring loom once in place.


The Stack allows you to set the circumference of the sensed wheel to within 1mm.


This is how Phil Lee's R500 was able to reach such high speeds on the Le Mans trip wink.gif - Caterham preset all the R500s too high on the Stack. I calibrated against a very accurate GPS device and the Stack is spot on once set up.






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The guy that sits next to me at work reckons his standard Ford Focus will do 140mph. I said that was bollocks and asked him what made him think that and he said "well, the numbers on the speedo go up to 140".

The story about Phil Lee made me think of this.


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Work out the gearing speeds on your seven and tell him yours will do that. It's using similar logic to his so he cannot complain.


Everyone looks at my speedo and then walks off saying it will do 200kph. It might but I would not like to be in it at the time.


Edited by - Seven in Sa on 21 Jun 2002 16:31:37

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