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Bulk purchase of Superlite 3 -piece ultralite wheels

Jason Plato

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Rob - an advantage of these for you would be that your current wheel nuts are likely to fit. R500 wheels have odd style nuts precluding the use of the more usual sort found on 7s...


Weights would be interesting. The R500 ones are only a little heavier than Dymags at a fraction of the cost.

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this is the information i received when i putchased 4 superlite's from them earlier this year:


6x13 genuine superlite cost 62.00 pounds sterling each + vat less 10%

7x13 genuine superlite cost 67.00 pounds sterling each + vat less 10%

all wheels inc nuts and caps


6x13 weighs 4.5 kilos each

7x13 weighs 5 kilos each


Also I might add that I found that the 6" did not fit my car with AP 4 Pot Racing brakes, although i understand you can use spacers. Also the 7" seemed to stick out the rear big time




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The AP brakes things is important as I'm sure all Superlites have difficulty with these unless spacers are used. But maybe the 3-piece are different.


I don't like the idea of using spacers, if for no other reason than it's additional and unnecessary weight.


An R500 wheel with a 6" rim weighs in at 3.5kg (6.5" will be marginally heavier). 12.5% saving over the 3-piece ali ones then...or getting on for 2kg of unsprung weight all round...

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Andy the spaces I use are in effect just 2.5mm thick washers and these give enough clearance, caterham on seeing these on the PBC immediatly said my bearings would be out of warranty, but I cannot see the spacers making that much difference to weight or handling



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I have a set of 3 piece 13" 6.5 ultralites with cast centres in black on my live axle-K. Got them at a one off price as they had problems with my original std superlite wheel order. Fantastically light. Only prob was one split piece section wasn't sealed correctly causing slow air release. If anyone wants to see them on a K I can set up a file attachment.
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I can confirm that spacers are NOT required with the 3 piece wheels , the offsets are specific for each application . The details of which we can sort out when we confirm all the orders .


I'm looking to close this deal by the end of this week , so roll up roll up .......... teeth.gif





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