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URGENT!!!!!!!!! Wine tasting in Bordeaux - July


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Can anybody take this place?


You may remember a few months ago, Hugh and Kay Dent put a posting on B/Chat asking if anybody fancied a run down to the village where they live in Bordeaux for a weekends winetasting and general 7 related fun in July.


I replied with a few others and Hugh very kindly offerred to provide accommodation either at their place or with like minded neighbours.


For reasons I won't go into, but all business related, my wife and me have regrettably had to pull out.


Hugh & Kay have worked very hard on an itinerary which includes BBQ beside their pool, runs out to various vineyards in the region, a large meal/gathering with French Lotus & 7 owners plus a band etc, etc.


The trip leaves Portsmouth for Caen on o/night ferry Weds 3rd July returning to the UK on 9th July. I have already paid for our ferry crossings with cabin and would, if possible, like to recoup some costs if anybody would like to take our places.


I am completely gutted about having to pull out but if there are any takers out there, you will have an absolutely fantastic trip.


It will be a relatively inexpensive trip but so as not to inconvenience Hugh & Kay, I would like any of you who may be interested to reply ASAP please. I will then put you in contact with Hugh and the others going over from the UK


Brent sad.gif

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