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X-flow alloy sump


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Jenvey (as in Throttle Bodies) make a shallow alloy sump for the Xflow, I have got one fitted.


I'm not sure they make them any more but worth a try, I think they are in the Telford/Shropshire Area




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cool.gif1700 Live Axle X/Flow, got the engine upgrade, got the new tyres, now got to lose some weight id=red> cool.gif


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I think Richard Jenvey will only cast batches of 10 and there was a "bulk buy" organised about a year ago.


I was planning to buy one from W*******d but I would buy one from Jenvey if we can find another 8 who want one.

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d,ont bother with the alloy baffled sumps go dry sump i found the baffled sumps a waste of time you should be able to buy most of the the bits second hand, scour this website, motoring news cars & car conversions for bits.
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