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SLR pistons

R500 CYA

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What sort does a 2000 spec SLR have?


Are they standard items or did Caterham offer a forged option?


Secondly, assuming forged pistons are fitted, what peak rpm would best suit the engine and is there a more suitable cam for more power perhaps higher up the rev range?






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They fit Omega forged pistons with *better* rods and tufftrided crank. These are safe to 9000+ but are fitted with interference fit small ends rather than fully floating which is not ideal.


The cams used are Piper 872 profiles and they can usefully be upgraded to Piper 1227s which have a sharper lift ramp together with a bit more duration and lift. Some head mods, the 1227 cams properly timed using verniers and a decent ECU/ remapped ECU should liberate a fair bit more oomph (220+).



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Oily - sounds excellent!


Am I right in assuming the R500 still has the crap interference gudgeon pins too then? - I bet it does!


Anyway, I'd like to do this to my new SLR once I've run it in so perhaps you could indicate a level of cost, as a very rough guide, for this as a complete job.





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How do you know the SLR crank is tuftrided? I thought they had dropped this.


Worth mentioning that of the SLR bits that Oily describes only the Omega pistons are good for 9000 rpm. Oily may have an opinion, but I wouldn't trust the rods much above 8000rpm, especially as it is a 1.8 with short rods and extreme angles. The crank is probably fine to 8500.


There are 1.8 Ks with 1227 cams that peak below 8000 - Rob Walker, Steve Butts? This seems to be a function of inlet and exhaust resonances. If you get the tuned lengths "wrong", you will miss out on some bottom end and won't be able to use the top end which will happily stretch out to 9000rpm. The 1227s are the R500 cam.



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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AFAIK the cranks were still tufftrided in 2000.. I wouldnt trust the rods above 8000 either.. not because I have seen or experienced failure but after examination simply because common sense lleads me to believe that they are not that over engineered.


There are a number of 1227 equipped engines which peak below 8000, Lift on overlap can change the torque delivery and move peak power around a bit but the power doesnt drop off that rapidly thereby encouraging the user to continue into possibly unsafe RPM. For bulletproof forays above 8000 you need stel rods and forged pistons. For more stratospheric RPM add a steel crank and other exotica.



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