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Tonneau fitting

Mike Molloy

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A while ago I had a tonneau supplied and fitted by Caterham Midlands, but I now find it is virtually impossible to get on! Does the material shrink when not in use?

I feel I need some more positive fore-and-aft fittings than the rather feeble poppers. Something along the lines of the over-centre bonnet catches, perhaps.

The think seems determined to un-pop itself at high speed.


Any top tips?

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there is always a tiny amount of stretch involved for getting on to the poppers. I have heard of people with full hoods needing to put the heaters on for a few minutes just to make the material a bit more friendly.


As for high speed they should stay on but it does not take a lot of exposure to create enough lift on the poppers.

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If it falls off the poppers, you should strategically replace the troublesome poppers with "lift the dot" types. These are directional, so the fitting will not pop off until the tension has been relaxed and the popper can be twisted off the base in the appropriate direction - with a tonneau this means you can only have them fitted on one edge.



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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As previously stated...

Hood or Tonneau, get them very warm first. Either by using a warm air heater, hair dryer or even draping over the lounge radiator. (not so hot that it melts though...!!)

Once really warm, fit them, then leave to cool down. Better to leave them on for as long as possible.


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My top tip for fitting the hood on a cold day is to make sure the tensioning frame (you know, the shiny bars that you lift up into place from the boot) is fully slack before fitting the hood, then tighten up the frame after the hood is all in place.

Or does everyone know this one already?


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