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VX Oil filter

John Howe

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Can someone make my life simple... Susan wants me to do an oil change on her Caterham. Since mine is a K series I havn't a clue what filter I'll need for her Vauxhall lump - part number anyone (non-Halfords), please.






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if you have a remote oil filter they can be different from the one attached. Best bet is to take the old one to halfrauds find a suitable spotty assistant and let him open all the boxes and find the right one for you. My VX is a C105 (I think) from memory.
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I went to halfords with the part number etc - car outside vx classic

spotty assistant (sa) "what car is that off"

me " Caterham"

sa "what is that its not on the computer"

me "ok its a 8 valve vx engine"

sa "what car is it off"

me "any 8v vx"

sa " sorry you have to give me a model number"

me "I don't know it can't you do a search on the product number"

sa "no"


so I went to a local motor supplier

me "I want part number Unipart GFE210"

oily experianced assistant " ok don't have that is a bosh part ok"

ME "yup"

oea "that will be £???"

me " thanks "

end of story



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