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Wheel refurbishment

Graham Sewell

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Following on from the wrong AP caliper fiasco, the inside of my wheel rim has been damaged to the point where I would like it refurbished. It is not the current Caterham mini-lite wheel but has a raised crown around the wheel centre, otherwise I would just get a new wheel - but 5 new wheels is over the top.


Does anyone know of a wheel refurbishment company in the Reading area that will do the INSIDE of the wheel. I have already phoned Elite Wheels and Tyres and they only do the front face of the wheel.






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Not sure where you are based but if you are in the South East give John Clark (Clark Specialist Cars) a call (Tadworth, Surrey). He looks after my cars (impeccably) and has mentioned to me before that he can get alloy wheels completely refurb'd; I am going to get mine done in the Autumn. Can't remember how much it costs, but it's not mad money - John can advise. His telephone number is 01737 352567.


For info. John used to race Porsches years ago and presented on World of Sport in the Dickie Davis era!


First Man.

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