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Rear AP brakes


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Hi guys,


Help needed!


I've a Superlite with Ap Brakes alround.


On the rears I've snapped the adapter connector which fits into the AP caliper, I think the size into the calier is 3/8" UNF male and possibley female 8 or 10 mm.


Its proving difficult to locate this part. Auto factors don't stock it, Caterham do?? probably but aren't forth coming with much information, AP Race stockists are trying their best but state that its a Caterham bespoke part which they don't carry.


Anyone have a similar problem and how did you locate a repalcement part.


Many thanks in advance


Stumpy seven.



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So you have the 2 pot solid disc AP calipers? And what pipe, solid copper or aeroquip?


You say you need a male (into the caliper) to female adaptor, from this I'm guessing you have copper pipe with a male fitting on the end, correct?


If this is right then you need M10 x 1 for the female end which is what the standard metric solid brake pipe fittings use (or 3/8 x 24 UNF if Caterham have used imperial fittings, but if they had you wouldn't need an adaptor, right?) I'm 99% sure that you're right on the caliper end, 3/8 x 24 UNF.


For any sort of adaptor like that you want an aeroquip hose shop. Think Automotive in London somewhere or Braided Steel, in Glos (but do serious mail order) spring to mind. Think are on 0208 568 1172 or http://www.thinkauto.co.uk/ Braided Steel are on 01386 849060 or http://www.bsr-aerotek.com/



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The fitting seals on a copper washer and then provides a 90 degree hydraulic fit to the attaching hose. Standard attachment is aeroquip.


I am having trouble remembering whether it is metric or imperial, but I can check on my car this evening.


An alternative is to redo the hoses on a banjo fitting at the caliper, seeing as these seal on copper washers.



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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Ohh, nasty. I hate relying on a copper washer under the hex head of an adaptor when you can avoid it. How do you get the 90deg to point the way you want it? Just keep graunching it in until it points where you want? Use 2 copper washers?


A long male / male fitting that seals on the taper seat at the bottom of the hole will be a lot nicer, easier, reliable. Then you can fit a 90 deg aeroquip if you really need it to come out at right angles. Can't recall whats on mine off hand.


A banjo fitting is next best I guess, still relying on copper washer(s) but at least they're sealing on proper faces rather than just under the hex head of an adaptor.

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There is braided pipe fitting into the rear of the caliper with this adapter providing the final connection.


I've been in touch with a local AP racing Distributator and he in turn is trying to locate the part from the main agent.


In the meantime i'll check out the website you've suggested.







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