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Eek! - New owner loses hood and bag within 2 days, but lots of fun anyway

Ninja Boy

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Well, I finally got my Seven at the weekend, and it's been great fun (although the weather can't seem to make up its mind! A couple of problems (intermittent noises from clutch; and a one-off problem starting, cured by a bump start - Millwood's have been very good, in fairness, and will put these right), but it is great fun to drive teeth.gifteeth.gif. Thanks to all for your encouragement to "take the plunge".


However, I did manage to do the stupidest thing ever yesterday - went out for a blat having removed the roof and carefully stowed it in the hood bag but neglected to attach the velcro straps to the rollbar , and...


... yes, you guessed it, returned from 2 hour spin around North Wiltshire and discovered my foolish mistake!.gifmad.gifblush.gifsad.gif. Spent a few minutes turning the air blue, then sheepishly retraced my route in the tin-top (and the first quarter/half mile on foot). No sign, of coursesad.gifsad.gif. Not a happy chappy.


I've raised a lost property report with the local police, and I'm putting notes through the doors of the nearby garage/chippy/newsagents (located on corners, so a likely place for the thing to have fallen off), but I'm not holding out much hope. In the unlikely (very unlikely) event that anyone does come across a hood-bag lying on/near the road in any of the following areas, please be a star and let me know:

Central/Old Town of Swindon (York Road/Groundwell Road/Drove Road/Marlborough Road); Hodson/Wroughton/West Swindon (Westlea); A4361/Rockley/Marlborough/Avebury; Badbury/Baydon/Aldbourne/Liddington/Coate.


...as you can see, I got around a bit on Sunday smile.gif. There we are, at least I can smile, after all, I've got the Seven...


I wonder if anyone else has done something similar - it would make me feel better knowing I'm not (quite) the daftest Seven owner, and I'd be interested to know how far you got before it tumbled...


Given that recovering it is fairly unlikely, is there anyone out who can sell me one/more of the following:

Hood (high vis, if poss - anyone know what Caterham's new price is - weather gear including sidescreens seems to be about £420, IIRC);

Tonneau (I was going to get one, anyway);


Knotted hankie, or large sign saying "Have you got your head screwed on?" to stick on the dashboard...


I'll probably post this bit in the correct place (the "Wanted" section), too.



Ho hum, I might go for a blat now (having triple checked that everything's securedwink.gif), to try and bring back the smiles...



Mark (a prat)


teeth.gifcool.gif 1800 K-Series - S13id=yellow> 2 id=green> CUYid=yellow> - has arrived cool.gifteeth.gif

teeth.gif Still got the tin-top -J777 DMHid=teal> - need to do the paperwork teeth.gif


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Congratulations on the new purchase..... enjoy cool.gif


Mr FH once left me 'andbag on the wheel arch but fortunately we were with a crowd of other Se7eners who waved, shouted (and laughed) so we were able to retrieve said article blush.gif


I'd have thought you stood a pretty good chance of recovering your 'lost items'. They're not much use to anyone other than another Se7en owner and I truly can't believe that one of us would try and benefit from someone's misfortune...so chin up! You never know, they might just turn up smile.gif



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I know someone who had the hood up, he put his wallet and phone on the roof while he got in and picked up his wallet but forgot the phone. On retracing his route about an hour later, he found the phone at the side of the road. Sadly in about a hundred pieces as it had been squished by a lorry!!




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i was at my garage the other day when a battered peugeot 205 drove past with a bag on the roof. i ran after him for two junctions through some houses, and shouted a bit too, but he didn't stop.


serves him right for not checking his mirrors !


not sure i'd worry too much about losing my roof.. it'll just force you not to use one ! wink.gif




Edited by - jam mad on 18 Jun 2002 11:16:14

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Cheers for the replies, folks. Had my first moonlit blat (down to Marlborough/Hungerford and back) last night: very atmospheric, and put a teeth.gif back on my face - does anyone else feel a bit naughty going out in the Seven at night?


AndyPandy - no, I picked mine up in the morning - it's the inverse colour scheme, yellow with green stripe.


FH - thanks for the encouragementthumbsup.gif - hope springs eternal. Maybe a bit optimistic as I did about 70 miles between knowing that I had it, and losing it.


Den - ta for the possible rescue package...wink.gif


Kev - ta for the sympathy, matewink.giftongue.gif



See you next week at the meet.





teeth.gifcool.gif 1800 K-Series - S13id=yellow> 2 id=green> CUYid=yellow> - has arrived cool.gifteeth.gif

teeth.gif Still got the tin-top -J777 DMHid=teal> - need to do the paperwork teeth.gif



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Had all my goodies in the passenger footwell once when going for a blat, got to the first bit of dual carriageway and booted it. At around 80mph the airflow neatly lifted the tonneau, my fleece, cap and sundry other items out of the car and scattered them in my wake.


F1 impression followed to the next roundabout , back down the opposite carriageway and re-enter the road further back so i could retreive them all by driving past in a sort of zig zag leaning out of the car with one eye on the mirror and one on my belongings.


Everything a bit more "second hand" than previously, but ok.


Lost a lemon souffle from the top of the tin top - bought from a local fair and left there by the wife - made a hell of a mess.

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If you are in Swindon don't forget the local meet at the Freek Arms between Blunsdon and Highworth nice people but not many local owners so all new attendee's greatly accepted. I don't live too local but will get over again soon as it is a nice blast from where I am to there.




Ashley Webster.

1400 Supersport

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Had nearly the same thing happen to me only last week. I was going through town and heard a faint "swishing" sound. Slowed down to see if I had a problem but it disappeared. Next corner it reappears !!


When I check my side mirror the hood bag was 50% stuck out on the side. I was lucky as I was in town driving VERY sensibly !!! The swishing sound was it sliding from side to side.


Good luck !


Steve Campbell

P889 GRR

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