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Ninja Boy

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Well, I finally got my Seven at the weekend, and it's been great fun (although the weather can't seem to make up its mind! A couple of problems (intermittent noise from clutch; and a one-off problem starting, cured by a bump start - Millwoods have been very good, in fairness, and will put these right), but it is great fun to drive teeth.gifteeth.gif. Thanks to all for your encouragement to "take the plunge".


However, I did manage to do the stupidest thing ever yesterday - went out for a blat having removed the roof and carefully stowed it in the hood bag but neglected to attach the velcro straps to the rollbar , and...


... yes, you guessed it, returned from 2 hour spin around North Wiltshire and discovered my foolish mistake!.gifmad.gifblush.gifsad.gif. Spent a few minutes turning the air blue, then sheepishly retraced my route in the tin-top (and the first quarter/half mile on foot). No sign, of coursesad.gifsad.gif. Not a happy chappy.


I've raised a lost property report with the local police, and I'm putting notes through the doors of the nearby garage/chippy/newsagents (located on corners, so a likely place for the thing to have fallen off), but I'm not holding out much hope. In the unlikely (very unlikely) event that anyone does come across a hood-bag lying on/near the road in any of the following areas, please be a star and let me know:

Central/Old Town of Swindon (York Road/Groundwell Road/Drove Road/Marlborough Road); Hodson/Wroughton/West Swindon (Westlea); A4361/Rockley/Marlborough/Avebury; Badbury/Baydon/Aldbourne/Liddington/Coate.


...as you can see, I got around a bit on Sunday smile.gif. There we are, at least I can smile, after all, I've got the Seven...


I wonder if anyone else has done something similar - it would make me feel better knowing I'm not (quite) the daftest Seven owner, and I'd be interested to know how far you got before it tumbled...


Given that recovering it is fairly unlikely, is there anyone out who can sell me one/more of the following:

Hood (high vis, if poss - anyone know what Caterham's new price is - weather gear including sidescreens seems to be about £420, IIRC);

Tonneau (I was going to get one, anyway);


Knotted hankie, or large sign saying "Have you got your head screwed on?" to stick on the dashboard...


I'll probably post this bit in the correct place (the "Wanted" section), too.


Ho hum, I might go for a blat now (having triple checked that everything's securedwink.gif), to try and bring back the smiles...



Mark (a prat)


teeth.gifcool.gif 1800 K-Series - S13id=yellow> 2 id=green> CUYid=yellow> - has arrived cool.gifteeth.gif

teeth.gif Still got the tin-top -J777 DMHid=teal> - need to do the paperwork teeth.gif


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