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le mans tv coverage

Jam Mad

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JM - being the video recorder luddite that I am,blush.gif I can't guarantee it, but I'll have a bash at recording Eurosport tonight for you! ....if I can find out what time it's on confused.gif


FH teeth.gif



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Blimey JM !.gif Can't you let a person consume the last vestiges of the cafetiere before banging on my screenquestion.gif wink.gif


Yup .... video recorded satisfactorily ... the coverage is somewhat bland ...24 hrs crammed into 1 (with a bit on the Friday parade and lots of Hawaiian T and MG totty at the beginning) eek.gif ....I scanned for sight of Mad Blatters but didn't spot any sad.gif


In the post to Sarf Land'n by lunchtime smile.gif



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i'll buy it thanks angus.. i thought for a minute there that sahf london had really got to you and you'd embarked on a new career !


thanks fh.. sorry, hope you didn't spill the coffee.






Edited by - jam mad on 18 Jun 2002 11:02:50

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...if you pop round for drugs etc! (hayfever of course!)
Yeah, they'll deal in anything round Stre'um waysmile.gif
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