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Caterham Factory Visit - Sat. 13' July

Adrian Elkin

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For all those that are curious as to how a Se7en is botched, sorry put together wink.gif, a Caterham Factory Visit has been organised for Saturday 13' July. It will be a half day affair from 8.45 for 9am. Should be a fascinating for all those who've never been, and a chance to see what's changed for those that have. Only those who have pre-booked for the visit will be welcome. All inquiries should be forwarded to Rob Foote at 020 8330 4336, or Email RobFoote@cwcom.net. An application form is on Page 4 of this months' (June) Low Flying. Or, you can cut'n'paste the details below, print 'em out and send it too him together with a cheque. Finally, If you intend to go and pick up spares or that new accessory from the parts dept, please arrange for these to be available for collection before the event. I think the boys behind the counter would have a fit if they had to deal with dozens of demanding Se7en owners all at once! wink.gif





Telephone Home:- Work or mobile:-

Membership #(if not a L7C member please enter "Guest"):-

Please complete the datails above and send with a cheque payable to "Surrey Sevens" for £3.00 to:-

Caterham Factory Visit,

c/o. 46 Cuddington Avenue


Surrey KT4 7DB

Closing date for applications:- 1' July 2002



Edited by - Adrian Elkin on 20 Jun 2002 00:41:28

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Adrian ,

I'm sure that you will get lots of people coming to the factory visit regardless of the club sprint weekend clashing on the same weekend , it is great to take a close look at the bestest car on the planet being born .


please dont get upset off line at what is only a bit of banter wink.gif







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  • Area Representative
P.S. Are you so sure it's "the bestest car on the planet"?
Well, Adrian, you tried the rest and then came to the besttongue.gifteeth.gif
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Not so fast Adil. The jury is still out on that one, and the verdict will be given when the other beastie is reassembled!


Seriously though, in a nutshell, the BDR is for relaxed, back lane crusing on fine sunny days, the Westfie1d will be for the brain out, on track antics and more. It's like comparing chalk'n'cheese. wink.gifthumbsup.gif

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  • Area Representative

Reassembled huh! Fallen apart againwink.gif


Anyway, I'll stop hijacking this thread and hope to see you tomorrow.

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I thought this thread had some elastic attached to bring it to the top again! wink.gif


So go, spread the word. You won't find as good an oportunity to have a good look around the factory again for a good while to come. Unless you work there! teeth.gif

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