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Dominican Repulblic

James Saunders

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It depends wear you are going, we went there 8 years ago (for our honeymoon) (sick) and it was very good.


So good that we have booked to go to the same place this October, let me know which resort you have booked.


PS when we were last, there we spoke to a young couple who had booked a cheep holiday there, and were awoke at 5AM each morning by the shouts of pain from the local jail. It was just behind the swimming pool, ( they beat them up there, jail is rough).

What you have to remember is that it’s a 3rd world country.


If you smoke……. fags are very cheep, but if like me you smoke cigars buy them at home. ( I know that they make them out there but what a price……..).




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My sister went to the Dominican for her honeymoon. She enjoyed although everyone suffered with stomach bugs. She came back a nice tanned shade though. She did say if you go out of the resorts the people are very poor looking with very little of their own.

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It's about 6 years since I've been there but it was fantastic at the time. I think a lot depends on what you like.

I stayed in Cabarete? east of Puerto Platta which is one of the best windsurfing spots anywhere- big waves, lots of wind in the afternoon etc

Mountain biking is also very good and tours/bike hire easy to sort out. Really cheap,really friendly place.

I think there is also one of those all inclusive places( Sandals?) somewhere but never done that side of things.



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Yes,.......... the people are very poor, the kids in the small towns love it if you give them pens and pencils( for there school work). The biggest thing out there is baseball, it’s a ticket to the USA if you are any good.


When I say small towns, I mean mud huts with bamboo leave roofs.


The strange thing is that a lot of them have sat dishes to watch USA soaps, and each week they will take a truck battery into town to get it re-charged…. Which lasts the whole week.

It looks very strange to see a mud hut with a sat dish on it.


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Hello it's Karen


I went about 5 year's ago...


The diving was wonderful and the people very smiley.


The weather was funny. Very warm with grey clouds. Rain for one hour every day which then evaporates in very little time.


Don't eat or drink anything with ice in.


The locals expect a little change in exchange for carrying bags and things.


The unpleasant prisons rely on a system of "your family bring food or you starve". Prisonable offences include possesion of cannabis and interaction with the local street girls (pimped by the police).


There are lots of big American pimp taxis which drive around the potholes and occasionaly corpses draped with palm leavessad.gif


Things to do... Jeep Safari, Horse riding, (the aforementioned) Diving, casino-ing and taking in the scenery.


In summary... Good, late deal was cheap, tan-tastic.





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The magpie Cafe... thumbsup.gif


The queue is probably about 100ft long today, as the replica of Captain Cook's Endevour is sailing back into town, from Austrailia. It looks very grand moored up off Sandsend surrounded by smaller boats.


As local peoplewink.gif, we wait for a rainy Tuesday in winter to avoid the queue. The Magpie's fish, and veiw across the harbour, is tongue.gifsmile.gif, although recently a vote on whitbyites.com decreed that Riverside Fisheries had the best mushy peas.


Mark (Ilike food smile.gif )

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