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Best ignition for crossflow


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Got an Ignitor on my X Flow. It really is a fit and forget. Used the car throughout the winter and didn't suffer starting issue. I also fitted the Aldon Flame Thrower coil at the same time.


What I have noticed is better hot starting.



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I have used Ignitors, both Aldon and Pertronix on rally cars in all conditions for years and never had any problems.


I use one on an Imp engined car that revs cleanly to 10500rpm and have uesd it on some really cold days.

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I've got a Lumenition Magnetronic pickup in my Piper Magnum distributor and as someone said about the Aldon igniters, you just set it and leave it! I check the timing every so often and it never moves!


It's very simple but yet very effective.... It would maybe benefit from a better coil, or a Fireblade engine....



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