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Wiring connections for Webcon Alpha sequential shift light .

Jason Plato

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Not sure if this is what you have...

In my instructions from last year the gear shift lamp wire was the Blue (/White) one. Pin pos no 4 of the feed harness. Pin 12 out of the ECU.

That is exactly as it is written.

This is for 3d mapping on carbs and XE engine. Number K97019.


The lamp works fine. I see it on track even when concentrating on the next corner or guy in front.


Happy shifting.



My racing pics hereid=red>

Hants (North) and Berkshire area club site




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Thanks fo your rapid response Steve , but I'm not sure the information you gave was for a Webcon sequential shift light ???? . I recall you have webcon ignition .

What I rely need to know is which of the 3 wires from the sequential shift light connect to which wires on the rear of the tacho or emerald ECU .






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Red is 12 volts or positive side of the coil. Blue is negative or chassis and Green is the trigger which you can either connect to the negative switched side of the coil or tacho or directly offa the ECU the later being estential if your going twin coil wasted spark.



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