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Anyone for Spain?

Philip Hastie

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Is there anyone who might be interested in teaming up for the El Camino De Santiago tour of Spain Aug 12th - 21st?


Please see first page of 'Disaster Strikes' for contact details and explanation to the loss of my Seven.






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Just to help you keep this at the top....


Gutted for you, a double blow....


Have you asked Warren if this are any cars with one person in it going????


If anyone is thinking of going I must say that you won't be disappointed... Last years was fantastic... Great Roads, I still think about racing up those mountains now.


The organisation, driving route, planning, Food and Accomodation was also fantastic... So good we are going back for this trip with a number of the others that went last year...



If Warrens posting to Ford Spain comes to an end he may have to come back to England and future Spanish trips might be under threat.


If you have thought about doing this trip and it seem out of your budget because there was just you paying for it all, nows your chance to drive some of the most fantastic roads you could dream of in a classic car..


I hope someone will team up with you, and best of luck Phil.




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Warren,Snapper and NoLimits


Thanks for the encouragement and pushing me to the top again.


If any one is interested there is still time to arrange something,

although i really need to make a decision on my existing ferry booking by end of June and arrange trip payment.


Plan B is to passenger with one of the Spanish cars if all goes well which should equally be an enjoyable experience.


Regards, Phil.

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