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Straight cut gearboxes - suitable for road cars or not


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Hi All


At the risk of re-starting an old subject. Does anyone actually use one of these in their road car and is the noise bearable (accepting this is very much an individual thing).


I have an x-flow so am used to a fair amount of noise but not mechanical whining!



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Loads of people use SCCR boxes on the road and whether the whine is bearable or not depends on whether you like the idea of a race car on the road and individual sensibilities.


I particularly like the SBD blurb for the semi-helical 'doesn't whine like a straight cut box', but boy does it whine.... perhaps like a semi-helical ? - it's all good fun though.



Edited by - Paul McKenzie on 14 Jun 2002 18:28:42

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Yep, I have one too - just adds to the experience, but then I've never driven a Caterham without one so don't have anything to compare it with smile.gif


So it whines a bit, but the noise of the xflow soon drowns that out.



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I had one in my previous car and loved it


even took it touring with the missus to spain and finland


bought an intercom system and this cut out most of the noise


also the whine covers up all the other various noise you can get worried about driving a caterham blush.gif



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