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Caterham "7" Zetec 2.0 - 170 BHP

Mike Beresford

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Superb Seven, fully restored '86 short cockpit, in Dark Met. Pearl Blue.

Body restored by Arch Motors including cockpit extension, Painted by TSK (Caterhams bodyshop).

Two litre engine installed using James Whiting kit,

Competition clutch and exhaust. Weber Alpha engine management.

170 BHP. Superb performance.

New interior Caterham "S" type seats in Black velour. New weather gear, Tonneau, Stereo!


Has to go due to recent birth of triplets.


£13,995 ono.


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Congrats on the triplets.

Unfortunately, IMHO, probably loads too expensive given the year and the non-standard (for the UK) engine installation. It's not fair considering the cost of this superb installation...but, as they say in Bolton, CELLER V.


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See my old ad for zetec engined live axle car £9,995. Decided to keep and upgrade. Had a few interested parties but hardly beating them off with a stick.

Blatchat is probably the worst place to sell a 7 unless selling superlight for silly(read cheap) money.

I would suggest you are about 3-4K over priced... sorry!!!!


Who ever said 7's hold their price!!!






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I agree that you are probably overpriced, I recently sold my very similar car but De-dion chassis which should according to popular mythology fetch more money. Fully rebuilt like yours but about 4 years ago, 16K miles metallic silver, leather seats new Hi-Vis weather gear, all the toys etc.


IIRC it was initially advertised for £9995 ono


No responses from blatchat.


A couple from findit but just requesting pictures.


Finally put it on the club stand at Stoneleigh for 9K and only got one phone call just as we were leaving.


We agreed the deal at £8750.


I have also sold my last road car for a similar price while other friends keep advertising and get time wasters, no shows etc.


In both cases when I advertised the cars at SENSIBLE prices I got but one enquiry, but that is all you need if they buy.


10 minutes after the buyer picked it up another caller from findit who seemed really pissed off (it was sunny).


A few weeks later on another rare sunny day another enquiry (I thought that I had removed the ad)


Hope this is of some help.


Edited by - J.R. on 18 Jun 2002 11:55:13

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'reckon I need to pray to the sun gods then!


Alternative is rebuild my car with the original x-flow, sell this cheap, keep all the best bits and build a stripped out track day car! Any views/cheap recent chassis for sale?


Give me something to teach the triplets race skills in (in about 14 years time)!


I was planning to buy a Kart and go racing - triplet boys will no doubt attract sponsorship and who knows in years to come we could show those Schumachers how it's done!


Fathers fulfilling their dreams through their siblings eh!


Thanks for the advise - I'm off to the pub to drown my sorrows!

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Dad's fulfilling their dreams through their kids can be seen at most kart circuits at the weekend. You can spot them cos they've got a replica crash lid , a shiny new kart and all the proper kit. Can often hear them protesting at being sent out again. Not to say that you'd do this of course..... wink.gif


Shame about your car's "value". I've got an interest in seeing how much worth is placed on a fully restored chassis as I'm rebuilding a 1980 chassis from the ground up although using a crossflow.

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