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Which spare track day wheels?


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I have a new SLR with Roler barrels. I have just ordered a trailer from Brian James Trailers for sprint and track day visits.


What spare wheels/tyres should i go for?


Money is an object. Should i go for straight forward respectively sized Superlights or Compomotives examples. Or pay for a similar set of split rim magnesium jobs from Caterham?


Tyres are not so much of a problem.


CR500's on at present for the road and i will retain these.


So i will either get ACB10's for sprints and slicks for track day. (I have a local tyre suppliers who rally's. They are no longer allowed to run slicks or cut tyres due to regs. Loads left over!)


What would you do?



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Hows the car going mate? nice spending a couple of hours with you at Curborough. Mines arrived now and I've got the same quandry as you. I think I'll opt for minilite type 6" front and 7" rear on mine for sprints fitted with list 1a rubber.

On non 7 club sprints if you use anything outside list 1a you are pitched up against slick shod monsters. For track days I think I'd just run the split rims it came with and the CR500'S and replace them when they're knackered.







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Hi Kenny I've sent you and off air email with more blurb about the cars etc!


I agree with you about the sprints etc. But the CR500's are not cheap so i thought i'd keep them for the road.


Hence ACB10/slicks for sprint/track as i understand them to offer greater performance for similar money!


See ya






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CR500s don't stand up too well to dry trackdays in hot weather although there is a rumour that the compounds are different this year, so a second set is a good idea. ACB10s or slicks are much better and you will notice the difference. With such a pairing, you can keep the CR500s on for wet days.


What you don't want is to be overheating your rear tyres on track after just a few laps. You certainly need a 7 inch tyre on the back as a minimum. If you got a set of rims to take 7 inch all round you can manage tyre wear a bit better. You can run 7in ACB10s on a 6J rim, but I think they sit better on a wider rim.



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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I agree with Peter totally. Also (something that people don't seem to talk about much) cars with standard wheel sizes (6.5" front, 8.5" rears, I think) are very prone to understeer. I find that 7" tyres all round - I normally use slicks on track - give much better balance, so unless you are really concerned about absolute speed this is the way to go. As Peter also says, if all 4 wheels/tyres are the same, you can swap them round to equalise wear.
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