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RaceTechnology DL-90 GPS Datalogger Example.


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I'll be writing an in-depth review of the GPS logger soon, but for now I've uploaded a RealPlayer file showing the logging the unit does spliced with some amusing pace note audio from one of the rally stages. Can be found at -


www.gee-fin.racingdrivers.co.uk/videos/20020525_data_hangmans_01.rm (16mb RealPlayer), apologies in advance for the bad language but it was quite a stressful stage! :)


Here's an example of it's track mapping capabilities over the route (zoomed right out), remember, it uses no beacons on triggers, just GPS and accellerometers.




Very impressed with it, more info from their website at www.race-technology.com. Very handy in speeding up pace note creation and double checking we didn't have lefts as rights and vice versa (although, if you listen to the pace notes you'll see just how comical it was!. Hopefully be testing it on track next week courtesty of Mr Clarke in his new orange monster.





graeme finlayson / tyre warmer / fluke motorsport

gee_fin@hotmail.com / www.fluke-motorsport.co.uk


Barbados Rally Carnival Experience

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