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No honest I am working hard boss!!!

dan mackman

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How many people are actually at risk of being sacked due to their company internet usage policy by spending their time here? I seem to have Blatchat permenatly open and regularly look to see what is going only realising sometime later I have done bugger all for the week.


Work actaully done today:


opened email

written letter





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I think I probably am. I keep trying to control myself, but I can't. I did consider asking my employer to block the site (like they do with other "inappropriate" sites), but couldn't bring myself to do it!!


C7 GAR id=red>


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Very fortunate that I am an IT Systems consultant and one of our companies is an ISP selling its services (ooh err, missus!) so internet surfing isn't generally a problem.


Thus saying that there can be plenty of days when a letter and a few emails are the total sum of production workwise, with plenty of time spent reading blatchat archives.... teeth.gif and this is going to get more so as I look for my replacement car teeth.gif


Now where's that customer report to do...!



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