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Live Axle


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Seeing as yesterday I got my Degree result, and I'm starting a job in Sept, I'm looking to build a seven. I had kinda decided on a Westfield until someone here pointed out that Caterham do their own kinda of starter kit.


I got the details of this from Caterham today, and compared it with the Westy part for part only to discover that they work out the same price!!! So now I'm really seriously considering going for the Caterham.


If I do, then I'll be choosing the Live Axle car, and hopefully putting a Vauxhall 2.0 16v in it.


My question is about sourcing the Live Axle. I gather it's NOT the mk1/2 escort axle that all the other se7en replicas use, so apart from buying one from Caterham for £600, what are my chances of finding one at a scrappy? What donor car should I be looking out for?


The starter kit sheet also says that the Sierra G'box Type 9 can be used, but it states that it's the box from the XR4, I thought that all the Sierras had a Type 9 or MT75, is there a difference between the Type 9 in the XR4 and the other sierras?


Other than the box and engine (and maybe axle) I reckon I'd be buying everything else from Caterham. Hopefully I can build this car for about £7k


Whad'ya think?



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Live axle is Morris Ital (but it is not that strongh and might have trouble with 16v 2 litre VX, particularly if tuned). A ford axle can be made to fit but modifications are required.


I believe the XR4 type 9 box has a higher 1st gear making it much more suitable.


Good luck



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I am in the process of fitting a ford axle to my live car.


Located an axle with 3.9 diff from specialist Escort spares outfit for £50.00, Arch Motors have welded all brackets on and poweder coated bare axle for £154, shotblasted back plates £2, new drums and shoes about £60, new bearings in diff and halfshafts £50 small propsharft flange £40 from W*******d but only £28 from Tran-x. I still need to shorten proposhaft. Oh spent £500 on TranX LSD - but not essential!!!




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The "official" live axle is the Ital/Marina, as already stated but the Ford axle seems to be relatively common. Search the old tech talk threads for references and you'll get lots of useful information.


I don't know what chassis mods you need for the fitment of the ford axle though. Hopefully the old threads will tell you.


Oh, and the ford axle is a lot heavier than the ital axle (but also stronger).




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Yeah it's still available because it's in the PDF file they sent me today.

If I do go for the Caterham (which I definitely think will not cost much more than the Westy to build, and will of course have better resale value at the end) I'll ask them to build the chassis to accept the Escort Axle.


hmm....this kit car business ain't easy, there's far too many choices.


I take it there shouldn't be much of a problem fitting a VX engine?



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