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Steering Rack extenders?

Julian Thompson

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Another question:


Having built the front suspension on my car and roughly set the tracking as suggested to 11 turns of the track rod end the car toes out with the wheels obviously fully off the ground. I've got the 2 Widetrack rack extenders left in their bag but surely I can't need these too! No mention in the manual I can see and I'm wondering if the car has a "new style"(?) steering rack that is longer?


Or do 7's have THAT much bump steer (!)



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Nope, not sure at all! They're not mentioned in the manual, Stewart, and yes, they would mean that the tracking would be better if the suspension was pushed lower by the extenders.


I presume these just screw on the top of the dampers? Anything to watch for?


Thanks, Jue

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