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Vauxhall 2lt 16v Engine


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How does a dry sumped 245 bhp SBD Vx engine sound. Still in the car, so can be heard running and driven on the road, It cost me around 10k to have built by SBD, I'm after around 6k, complete with all ancillaries [except alternator], including all dry sump equipment, TB's engine wiring loom ECU etc etc,


Red 245bhp Vauxhall powered 21

[Now For Sale]

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Or, if you would like something a bit cheaper, I have a standard engine. Others parts available include a 2D ECU, a Weber manifold, a Caterham dry sump & pump and a pair of 40DCOEs with filter. Engine is £600ish, others parts subject to negotiation. Please email or call 07867 821645 if interested.
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I will sell my VX 2litre 16V for the right price!


Only covered 4,000 miles, standard engine on carbs, 175BHP, being serviced as we speak by Caterham, still in 1997 original VX Caterham. You can drive the car and see just how good the engine is but i will not give it away for a silly price. What's it worth?


Contact me if interested.



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Yes, just what is such an engine worth, I would take a guess that with carbs and all ancillaries etc you really wouldn't want less than 1000:00gbp for it, right?


Last year I bought an engine from an early GTE for £400, had it reconditioned throughout, with a pair of piper cams etc, which cost me around 800:00gbp, and managed to buy a complete Alpha-Weber ECU & TB setup, s/h, complete with engine wiring loom for £800, Total - 2000:00GBP!!!


This is the engine which I will put in the 21 if I can sell my SBD dry sumped unit, so I would suggest that 1000:00 GBP, if acceptable is a damm good price. What are the general thoughts?

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