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How to paint a grill


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1. remove grill from

2. clean thoroughly with soapy water

3. lightly sand the part you want to paint

4. use making tape over the bits you don't want to paint

4. apply several thin coats using touch up paint allowing each coat to dry properly


the above worked for me - the paint still looks good 12 months on

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Little bit of dry&wet paper (1200). Borrow one of your daughter's paint brushes. Find a dubious heritage tin of red smoothrite paint in the gargage. Paint the '7' bit. Decide the grey would look better in black. Can't find any black smooth-rite. Borrow daughter's black poster paint.

Rather surprisingly, I think its look rather good.


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I also painted the mesh behind the grill with the black poster paint too.

The mesh I have isn't perfect, made of a bit weedy gauge, from B&Q. I only used about 20% of it. If anybody wants a radiator sized bit, pop and tin snip a bit to your requirements!


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Smoothrite black 250ml £4.99

Brush reasonable quality £1.99

masking tape £1.49

wet and dry £0.79

new spire clips £1.29

Hand cleaner thinners £4.99


new chrome grill from Redline £19.99, sorted


just a suggestion.



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