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Caterham heater unit to fit 1990 car

Adrian Elkin

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Hi Adrian,

I have one from about that era...


It's not the latest 'fresh-air' type, but should fit OK.


I say 'should' as I bought it from a friend, but never fitted it to my car...


It's in good condition.


I'm in Fleet, Hants. I'm after ~50 for it.



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If you need a heater, the engine isn't working hard enough!!!

The Xfow (from which yours is derived) should be producing enough heat to warm your feet without the need for all the additional weight of the heater - or is Taniya insisting?



Dave H

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Just in case you have not been bombarded enough with offers of a heater, i have one out of a 1990 car that you can have free of charge ( small donation to nuke charity) Let me know if you are iterested and i can bring it along to the next meet at the Wooton Hatch.


C7 PWT X-Flow all Steel

Life begins at 40(00rpm)

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