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ladies day at Curbough


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Stumpy - not sure if this is full up, snapper is organising so I am sure he will be along to either confrim or deny


but to answer your questions AFAIK


comp license - no

who else - my missus for one

lads play - nope I thinkn we have to make the sarnies and cups of tea wink.gif




Stumpy - just worked out who you are, hopefully might see you and the missus there smile.gif




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I too am having a go. No licence needed and its not competative.


Not sure if its fully booked.


As for the boys having a play, there is a proper sprint the day before (25 May) for which flyer was in this months Low Flying. On the day you get cheer us on, support us and watch through your fingers as we thrash your pride and joy up a narrow country lane teeth.gif

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The idea is to give our ladies a chance to try out the circuit without pressure, and learn a little (or a lot as they choose) about sprinting.


She will not need a license.

She will need a helmet and "sensible" clothing

Special dispensation has been given (on signature of a waiver) for cars with non FIA bars (if there are any)


Husbands/boyfriends are welcome but will not be able to drive and will be expected to support (not criticise) their lady !


Snapper is at Le Mans for the next few days and only he can confirm availability. (I believe it to be full or very nearly so)

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Rachael will not be the only one to be nervous. All the drivers will be in the same state (whether they admit it or not !).


As you know the idea is that people like Rachael can have a go without pressure and enjoy the experience. She will not be forced to do anything she is not happy with, please tell her that.


I know that once the initial nerves dissapear she will have a good time.


Look forward to seeing you there.

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Thanks ECR I will tell her! She does want to do it - but just is nervous.


Rachael was told last night that if she does take part, she will have got the car on the track before me .... now she seems more keen!! (funny that isn't it!)


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I will be there with Sally, my better half. She did drive briefly on track at Hethel the other week, but apart from that has no track experience, so Alex, you can tell Rachael she will be among (nervous) friends!


This will be Sally's first step towards competing in the sprints next year, so hopefully she will enjoy it.


Only question is, will the blokes get a go at lunchtime perhaps, as I have never driven Curborough and I can't have Sally kicking my arse now can I ????



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Rachael will be in good company - my wife is extremely nervous about this, convinced she will be humiliated in front of all by stalling, spinning or crashing (and that things will get even worse once she gets in the car ...!).


First Man.

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I'm certainly nervous about it, just as I was when I first drove the car or when I first did the Brooklands handling day but I'm sure that with the support of the instructors and other halves cheering us on, it'll be a great day



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