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300lb/in springs on a std track 96 de dion

Peter Carmichael

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Has anybody fitted springs in the 250-300lb/in range to a standard track de dion on 96 on road Bilsteins?


Can you get a decent ride height without the springs being slack at full droop?


I thought the quite a lot of the k-series racers (pre widetrack) used 300lb/in springs (red from Caterham), but I have never seen them close up. I am suspecting that the shorter open length of the damper (no spacer) is better suited than the widetrack arrangement. Any clues gratefully received.



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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I recently built a VX race car for a friend. 370 lb fronts were used on narrow track suspension and yes the car had to run with no spring preload and about 20mm of slack when the suspension was unloaded. Helper spring should have been fitted.


I run my widetracked K without the hex spacer in the damper, the reason being that it is my opinion that when running with hex hut fitted the car runs on the bump stops when cornering hard as there is only about 9mm of travel left on the damper when the suspension is loaded. The down side is that there is little droop on the suspension and the dampers can knock against the stops when unloaded, bump in the road or hump back bridge. I run with 250 front springs and 5/8ths FARB 150 rears and 3/8ths RARB.



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Peter, fitted this afternoon on K series. 250 lb front springs with adjustable platforms - all the slack was taken up from springs with adjusters, then fitted... the wishbone was parallel to floor



I had fitted the springs before, but without the adjusters. This left a small amount of slack in the springs, whilst the car was on the jack.





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thats the spec i had pre accident. red Caterham 300 lb springs on a 96 car. The dampers were newer but they were a direct replacemnt as the old ones had worn out.


I can try and dig out a few pictures if you want to see the approx ride height etc.


Dave Hooper - dmch2@lineone.net

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