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Whats wrong with this spec R300


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I am thinking of getting an R300


I want a more powrefull car than my current 1.4

The cost is good compared to up speccing a Roadsport with a 1.8

But... I think I would prefer a 5spd box.

The first 2 or 3 gears are low enough..for me but a 6 speed is only 1:1 in top. For touring I would want the 'overdrive' .8:1 that the 5spd has

Not asked Caterham if this is possible.

Your opinions folks please

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Forget the 5spd.


The 6spd has a superb shift action and suits a K series perfectly. Go for it and have no regrets (wind and tyre noise are worse at cruising speed than the lovely engine/gbox noises anyway).


I have a 3.92 diff and find that fine also. Acceleration is that bit perkier than a 3.62, though revs are higher for any given "cruising" speed. Big deal I say when you can hammer the throttle and get that bit more gusto. And it's rare you need to go higher than 130ish anyway.

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I have just placed an order for an R300 and I would very very strongly recommend that you keep the 6 speed box. It is in my opinion the jewel in the Caterham crown! If you really want a 5 speed box with o/d than go for a Roadsport which has one as standard (inc. weather gear and heater). Speccing down an R300 and than adding things like weather gear, heater, normal seats and carpets to make it like a Roadsport is not a cheap route to take.


With regards to the final diff a 3.62 with the 6 speed box might be an option. Although the R300 has 15" wheels the tyre diameter of the rear 15" CR500s is the same as the rear 13" CR500s (21.8"). Note, you can also specify a 3.38 final diff, but this I think will make your first gear way too high?





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............ Good self made point Alex!!!


I have 13" wheels (with 60 profile) with a 3.92 diff and six speed and find that the inevitable motorway work is rather 'hurried' with an indicated 80 MPH = 4,500RPM & 27 mpg.

I rather fancy a 3.62 diff, but wouldn't go back to the five speed box I used to have.

Now, a six speed with five well spaced ratios and the sixth as an overdrive would be great!!!!!!!!!


Over to you Phil...........................

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Thank you all (Even Alex)


a 6spd it is then, now...diff ratio? I recon 3.6 but is that in LSD form? And should I get the windscreen and weather gear?

Flaired wings which I prefer or cycle wings for resale?


It is never ending isn't it.


Oh well, If I get it wrong I can always just order another car. It's only money.


Thanks again.

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