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Need to pay


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I have had some work done to my car.

Buy plays-kool motorsport, and they said they were going to get a credit card machine.

But now I have racked up a large bill they are not.


Does anyone know if I can pay by credit card, some where and some how it magicly changes it in to a cheque, this will be a one off payment.


Please I want my car back for the summer.

(wanted it for Le Manns, go to go in the scooby now, it might as well rain)

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Capital One provide a Visa Credit Card with a cheque book that lets you write cheques against your available credit.


I've never used the facility though, I normally destroy the cheques.




teeth.gif - Self portrait - still unable to remove the smile!

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Capital One turned me down.

I have got a egg card and they do not let you do cheque's.

I do not have that much money to spare at the moment in my bank account, hence putting on the card.


They are not doing any more work on my car untill they gat paided.


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Join MBNA International. They will give you a visa card and allow you to do a balance transfer into your current account without charging you the 1.5%, however they do charge a higher interest rate, though you could always transfer the balance onto one of your other cards immediately.



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Does any one need to get anything for round about £2000, I can pay and you can send me a cheque.


What about that new engine you a have after.

A big telly.


Hang on this may be a bit trusting.


I'll take sisters as Deposits (must be hot)

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surely there are banks etc bursting to lend money at the moment. I assume from your description it'll be on your card for a while. Surely a Barclayloan or similar that has no redemption for paying off would work out cheaper than credit card cash?



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Like some of the others i would have a word with the bank and try and sort out a proper short term agreement. Writing a cheque from a credit card account is treated the same as drawing money from the cashpoint on your card and incurs a similar (and immediate!) rate of interest - the offers of the interest free period here don't apply.


Sh**y position to be in I know - and have been there, hence speaking to the bank or maybe a kindly family member...!





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